Welcome Dr. Rozmie Razif Othman from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Perlis, Malaysia to be keynote speaker!!!

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Dr. Rozmie Razif Othman 

School of Computer and Communication Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Perlis, Malaysia

Research Area:

(1) Optimization Algorithm

(2) Machine Learning

(3) Software Testing

Topic: Sequence Covering Array (SCA): The evolution of State Transition Testing 


State transition testing is a type of black-box testing catering the need to test the behaviour of the system when changing its state. However, state transition testing often generates test cases to test all individual transitions (i.e. transition between one state to another state). With the advancement of current technology, testing of individual transition seems to be insufficient. Bugs or defects are usually triggered by the combination of more than one transitions. As a result, researchers extend the concept of state transition testing to n-switch state transition testing in order to cater needs for testing more than individual transition. With n-switch state transition testing, tester can generate test cases that cover all n-transition within the System Under Test (SUT). Although n-switch state transition testing able to generate test cases that can cover all n-transition, it could potentially omit the negative tests (i.e. testing the invalid transitions). To overcome this limitation, researchers come up with the idea of applying sequence covering array (SCA) in testing the state transition. The talk will cover the evolution of state transition testing and at the same time highlight the current state- of-the-art in SCA research. 

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